About the Stone Portal company

Online store "Stone Portal" – a lot of natural stone at wholesale prices!

We are pleased to offer you an inexpensive natural Russian stone and stone products for:

  • home improvement
  • facade cladding
  • paving paths
  • masonry retaining walls and fences
  • landscape design
  • of reservoirs.

Is there really a STONE PORTAL? Not scammers?

Yes, we really exist and have been successfully working via the Internet since 2014.

Check here:

  1. See the feed of our photo reports of stone deliveries from 2015 here: https://kamportal.ru/blogs/blog
  2. Check organizations by entering the TIN on the tax "Transparent business" page: https://pb.nalog.ru/index.html
  3. See the history of site changes www.kamportal.ru in a special world archive.
  4. Call the director of LLC "Stone Portal" - Igor Sergeyevich Shevkov and find out everything you need in your personal account +79587568417.
  5. Watch this video with I.S. Shevkov.
  6. Well, just look for reviews in Yandex, just don't let me fix the request for the "Fireplace Portal"

The sale of a large assortment of natural stone is the main specialization of our store.

We will deliver your order by cars of 10 and 20 tons in Russia, consult on natural stone and help with the choice.

You can buy in your city: sandstone and slate flagstone, rubble stone for masonry, pebbles, decorative rubble, cobblestones, boulders and boulders, as well as stone tiles and paving stones.

Our main advantages:

  • Low prices from manufacturers
  • Shipment from the quarry in 48 hours if there is a stone
  • Only an official sale with a full set of documents and payment to a bank account
  • The guarantee for the quality of the stone supply is 1 year!
  • Bonuses and discounts for regular customers

Stone for landscape design. Where to get a lot and directly.

youtube Камень для ландшафтного дизайна где взять много и напрямую

Special conditions for retail points of sale of stone.

Call +79587568417 Igor Shevkov

youtube Природный камень, для продажи дилеров розницы

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