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A set of stone for a round fire pit for assembling with your own hands 3 rings of crushed sandstone stone height about 20 cm fraction of the inner...
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A set of stone for a round hearth for assembling with your own hands 6 rings of crushed rounded stone sandstone height about 39 cm The fraction of the...
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galtovannaya gray paving stones - 25m2. The dimensions are 5x5 meters. Curb gray crushed-galtovanny - 21 p.m. Hearth of 6 rings of crushed galtovannogo stone of gray sandstone The height...
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Hearths and fire pits can be bought from 1 piece

We will deliver it by the transport company PEC in Russia. Therefore, a hearth and a fire pit made of stone can be bought from 1 pc.

In case you also need a stone, you can significantly reduce the cost of delivery by immersing the hearth or fire pit in a eurofour coming from a stone quarry.

Набор камня для очага при сборке своими руками

Hearth and fire pit made of stone with your own hands

  • It is very easy to fold the hearth, if you buy stones for the hearth immediately for your size.
  • Do not limit yourself to fractions in the product card.
  • From our experience, the diameter of the hearth can range from 600 to 2000 mm.
  • And the number of rings is from 3 to 8 pieces.

The hearth is sometimes used as:

  • round flowerbed of
  • stone masonry around the well
  • curved retaining wall of crushed or rounded sandstone

youtube Очаг и кострище из камня своими руками

Stone HEARTH production

youtube Производство ОЧАГА

The history of the creation of a fire pit and hearth

Очаг из камня своими руками

The story with the hearth began from the moment when I decided to collect something similar for burning garbage and kebabs on my site, I had a lot of samples and samples of stone that were left near my house when moving from one office to another, and I assembled a structure from them, which took me a lot of time and effort, but did not satisfy me a little on the aesthetic plan. The stone for the hearth on the street was assembled somehow. And what to do there was nowhere to buy such a set.

Well, although the functionality was at the highest level. After all, a stone is a stone. Hatching this idea with a hearth, I suggested to our client - a landscape designer - to make a similar hearth from rubble sandstone. The stones were cut from rubble with a thickness of 5 to 7 centimeters. Every second stone went into action, every first one split into indigestible elements. If necessary, then, when the ring was joined, the stones were adjusted, chipping off the protrusions additionally. Of course, there was a lot of waste, but in the end we got a wonderful set for the hearth.

The stone set is quite heavy. The fire pit of three rings weighs 300 kg, so it can be used when laying without mortar. It stands perfectly under its weight. As a result, there are three variants of a fire pit with an inner diameter for all tastes. 80 centimeters (inner diameter), 90 and a meter. Well, such meter options, of course, weigh even more, up to 500 kg.

The sandstone stone is absolutely not afraid of fire and does not and does not contain radiation, in general it is a very eco-friendly stone. The strength grade is M800, the abrasion period is as much as 500 years, unlike concrete, which has complete abrasion in 40 years. Usually the hearth is equipped with three rings, but according to functional necessity there may be 3, 4 and 5 more rings.

Separately, I would like to note another option that we have already made to the next customer from galtovannogo stone. He needed to cover the well. Since this is water - a well, then the stone had to have a rounded shape, emphasizing that it is a well, not a fire. He had 8 rings there - it was a meter in diameter and the stone was rolled in rounded machines - such concrete mixers. 4 hours of grinding the stone against each other only slightly erases the edges of the sandstone - it is so durable.

Кострище из камня песчаника в ландшафтном дизайне

Returning to my homemade hearth, I made it on bare ground and saw the need for a platform of about 5 by 5 meters, which would cover the bottom of the hearth and create space for pedestrians, for furniture around about 2 meters. We also make a platform from the same stone 3 centimeters thick, sawn into paving stones. The paving stones are 10 by 20 centimeters and 9 by 9 centimeters, already adjusted based on the seam thickness of one centimeter. This paving stone is designed for laying out a certain pattern, which gives the site a noble and unique look, taking into account also the coloring of the stone itself, which is unique. And this pattern creates an ordered beauty, and at the same time an inimitable pattern gives a highlight of the exclusivity of this site.

Now Russian designers have the opportunity to design such sets of fire places in the guest area, where they can have a good time with friends and family. If for some reason the gray coloring seems unsatisfactory to you, it is possible to burn a gray stone. Then it gets a terracotta color. The stone is fired during the day, cools down plus a day and baked through, getting a color that no longer burns out. You can, of course, make entirely terracotta versions of the hearth paving stones, or you can combine them. Let's say the hearth is terracotta and the playground is gray, or vice versa, and you can, for example, only make one element of the paving stones terracotta, for example, 9 x 9 centimeters to your liking.

Igor Shevkov, owner of the Stone Portal company

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