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The cover of the retaining wall is a split trapezoid, very convenient for masonry. The thickness of the stone is from 50 to 60 mm. Length 300 mm. Rubble half-plank...
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The countertops are made of smooth gray sandstone with a natural rough surface.They are not afraid of precipitation and frost. A great option for garden tables that can not be...
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A set of stone for a round fire pit for assembling with your own hands 3 rings of crushed sandstone stone height about 20 cm fraction of the inner...
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A set of stone for a round hearth for assembling with your own hands 6 rings of crushed rounded stone sandstone height about 39 cm The fraction of the...
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galtovannaya gray paving stones - 25m2. The dimensions are 5x5 meters. Curb gray crushed-galtovanny - 21 p.m. Hearth of 6 rings of crushed galtovannogo stone of gray sandstone The height...
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Hearths made of stone comply with the new fire safety standards of 2021.

Since 2021, new rules have been in effect, according to which the lighting of a fire on the site is prohibited.

There are two rules to follow:

Removal of fire by 2 meters from combustible objects
The hearth should be at least 30 cm deep. (as shown in the photo, 3 rings 20 cm high and 10 cm deep inside)

Очаг каменный 3 кольца с заглублением

Hearth made of natural stone in the country:


✔ The simplest solution that is available to absolutely everyone. It looks nice, comfortable and completely safe.

✔ It can always be disassembled or moved to another place in case such a need arises.

✔ The stones are flat and do not need to be bonded to each other with a cement solution. It does not require special care and looks natural.

✔ The material is fireproof. It is still necessary to protect from strong heat from the inside with fireclay plaster, or fireclay brick 4 cm thick.


I am often asked to make one ring 5 cm in diameter larger than the other rings in order to hide the inner plaster or brick.

Price 35460 rubles. The set includes 4 rings:

Hearth made of galtovannogo stone inner ring 900 mm, outer 1500 mm - 1 pc.
Hearth made of galtovannogo stone inner ring 1000 mm, outer 1500 mm - 3 pcs.

The thickness of one ring is 50-70 mm. The number of rings and diameter can be made to your order.

Fire is very important and even a small fire can look very original in the appropriate design.

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